Invest in the leading global Eco system for sustainable world.

3WM develops innovative solutions
while allowing climate players to monetize their actions
in favor of the climate through a cryptocurrency.



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The 3WM Projet

What is 3WM Project?

3WM is a global industrial project dedicated to protect the environment and improving living conditions. Our ambition is to revolutionize the way we manage waste and plastics, the way we treat water, the way we move, by creating the world’s largest network of bioenergy plants and the world’s first green intelligence network.

A virtuous circle for environment and people powered by the blockchain.

Thanks to our revolutionary technologies and the blockchain,
we create a virtuous circle which decontaminates nature, boosts local economies, creates new revenues and employment.

3WM in a few figure.


A global network of 55 Waste & Plastic-to-Bioenergy plants


Tonnes/day of waste & plastic will be changed into bioenergy


Direct and indirect jobs will be created


A global network of 10 Echo Tech Centers


New first level eco-technologies

1- Create a world 1st plant network of waste & plastic to bioenergies

55 revolutionary plants powered by a world unique patented process with a render of 97% and without any use of external energy or any kind of pollution or reject.

2- Now waste & plastic waste have value

By changing them into bioenergies their are now considered as raw material.

3- Reward people for waste

Thanks to 3WM Platform, people can exchange waste and plastic and/or their ecological actions with 3WM Tokens.

4- Develop innovative eco- technologies of the future

Invest or/and enhance 200 new waste, water, mobility technologies

5- Create a world network of 10 Eco Tech Centers

Those centers will welcome and enhance a selection of the finest green tech companies. The first one is now live in France.

The 3WM Group invest in R&D and acquiring new innovative technologies in water, waste and mobility.

3WM Plastic to Bioenergy

An industrial projet powered by revolutionary technologies

We transform waste, plastic, dirty water without any use of external energy, without polluting or any kind of reject.

  • 3WM Waste to Energy process
  • 3WM Plastic to Energy process
  • 3WM Clean Water Process

The world biggest industrial project for environment for 2025

  • Objectives in France
  • Objectives in the World

3WM Plateform

A unique place that changes a traditional industrial project to a powerful virtuous circle that incentivizes people and changes behaviors.
It brings together, 3WM wallet, a place to sell or exchange waste, buy or rent 3WM product, create ecological actions.

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Team members

André Spathelf | CEO

Nabil El Aichaoui | COO – CIO

Gabriel J. PEÑA| International Business Development Manager

Christian Gauthier | Mobility Manager

Elisabeth Spathelf | Public Relations Manager

Martin Müller | Business Manager

Hans-Eberhardt Frenzel | Medical Waste Manager

Erich Gröver | Technology Manager

Investors & Founders

Gérard Risch | Co-founder


Rémy Ozcan | Blockchain Expert

Christophe Ozcan | Blockchain Expert

Frederic Rohmer | Renewable Energy Expert

Arnaud Stoeltzlen | Renewable Energy Expert

Arnaud Courouble | Marine Environment Expert

Klaus Gommel | Circular Economy Expert

Lucirene Rocha de Abreu | South America Business Expert

Hikmet Dagci | EURASIA Business Expert

Nathalie KESLER Oh So Yun | NGO & Institutional relationship manager 

Mounir Mougin | Energy performance expert

Token Info



3WM activities.

3WM develops innovative solutions and supports companies that provide solutions for the environment while enabling climate stakeholders to monetize their actions in favour of the environment of the climate through a crypto-currency dedicated to the circular economy in 4 domains:

Waste – Water – Autarky – Mobility.

Waste to energy

Water treatment and purification

100% clean energy

Sustainable, non-polluting mobility

Strategic Partners

Alone, I go faster,  together we go further.


Recent news from our Medium Blog

Road Map

Discover the future milestones of 3WM project.

      • 3WM Token and eco fees smart contract development
      • Airdrop & Bounty program 3WM distribution


    Q1 2020

        • Specification of the 3WM V1 marketplace based on the whitepaper
        • Partnerships


    Q2 2020

        • Private Sale 3WM Token


    Q3 2020

        • 7 first partners decide to settle on the first ETC 3WM in France
        • Strategic partnerships
        • Business acquisitions
        • 3WM Token and eco fees smart contract Airdrop & Bounty program 3WM distribution


    Q4 2020

        • Switzerland FINMA grant
        • The 3WM foundation becomes the majority shareholder of the 3WM group
        • Reorganization of the 3WM Group
        • Installation of the equipment of the first ETC
        • Strengthening of sales, marketing, sales and technical teams
        • Creation of various subsidiaries of 3WM Worldwide (Switzerland, FRANCE)
        • Listing Negociation with Crypto Exchanges


    Q1-Q3 2021

        • Design phase of the 3WM marketplace
        • The first 3WM subsidiary in Africa (Morocco)
        • Listing of the 3WM token in exchanges (DEX & CEX)
        • Exhibition at Pollutec in Lyon in October 2021
        • Sponsoring in Malta AI & Blockchain Summit
        • New partnership announcement

    Q1 - Q2 2020

        • 3WM eco fees activated on the ERC20 contract
        • The launch of the 3WM ecological LABEL
        • marketplace

    Q1 2022

        • 3WM Wallet integration on the marketplace
        • Crypto and Fiat credit card payment available
        • Airdrop and Bounty ecological actions reward

    Q2 2022

        • First  3WM innovation grant program launched for Europe
        • Communication of the granted companies and unlock of funds to finance them

    Q3 2022

        • 3WM exhibition in Pulversheim dedicated to sustainable innovation
        • Beta version 3WM marketplace

    Q4 2022

        • Creation of the first ECO TECH CENTER in Africa (Morocco)
        • Second 3WM innovation grant program launched for Africa
        • Communication of the granted companies and unlock of funds to finance them
        • Airdrop and Bounty ecological actions reward


        • Creation of the first ECO TECH CENTER in the United Arab Emirates (DUBAI)
        • Second 3WM innovation grant program launched for Middle East
        • Communication of the granted companies and unlock of funds to finance them
        • Airdrop and Bounty ecological actions reward


A bit of history

Discover how we started, and what makes 3WM project a game changer.
Deep convictions, great determination, talents, and million already invested to launch our project around the planet and change life of each others.

  • 2012/2018
  • 2018
  • 2019/2020

Creation of Innovation Solar Holding AG

Research & Development Waste To Energy

Acquisition of Patented technologies (Waste Management)

Acquisition of LogOil and Plastoil (Plastic To Fuel Technologies)

Price at International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (Waste To Energy Concept)

Worldwide prospection and active participation in 50 trade shows (including COP21, COP22)

Creation of a water division

The project of a plant «Plastic-to-Bioenergy» in Mulhouse in France is decided

Q3 Birth of 3WM Project

Q3 Decision to use the Blockchain and create a cryptocurrency dedicated to the project

Q3 Creation of the 3WM Coin Invest Group in Switzerland by Peter Ammann and Gérard RISCH

Q4 Find strategic partnerships for 3 pillars (Water, Waste & Mobility)

Q4 Acquisition of Mulhouse Site (futur ETC France)

Q4 The Building of the 3WM Blockchain project and the white paper

Q1 Purchase of the building in Mulhouse (12000 sqm; 50000 sqm of land), France, financed with own funds

Q2 Advisory and team member onboarding

Q3 Investment in the «Plastic-to-Bioenergy» industrial first lines, financed by equity

Q4 7 first partners decide to settle on ETC France

Q3-Q4 3WM website development

Frequently asked questions

What problem do you solve ?
3WM aims to actively solve those problems by using proven patented technologies, developing new technologies and enabling other entities partners to offer their products and technologies on our community platform. The Earth system is currently in a state of rapid warming that is unprecedented even in geological records5. The world is on the verge of a tipping point6. The challenges of water, energy and waste management engage the common future of humans.
Why choosing the blockchain for 3WM project ?
Blockchain Technology allows to shift from shareholder to stakeholder system, monetize waste and rewards all stakeholders for their contribution to environnement improvement.
What is 3WM Token ?
3WM Token is a payment token. Considering the fact that 3WM token will not provide any ownership of real physical asset own by 3WM® or any entitlement to profit share or interest payments, it should not be considered as an Asset Token.

3WM tokens will allows monetize waste collection and buy green energies issued through 3WM technological solutions.  it will be used also to buy or rent  product and/or services proposed by 3WM® and his partners, this mean of payment offers apreferential access at discounted price

What is an ETC ?
An ETC (Eco Tech Center) is a technological platform that brings together on the same site both confirmed companies or innovative and efficient startups specialized in environmental protection and renewable energies. The stated ambition of 3 WM is to create 10 ETC in the next 5 years This will represent a mobilization of about 200 innovative and efficient technologies, convergent and complementary, providing solutions to the planet’s problems
Which currencies can I use to purchase 3WM Tokens ?
The Currencies accepted to purchase 3WM tokens are:
      • For the cryptocurrency: BTC & ETH
      • For FIAT: EUR & CHF

Where can I see your technologies working ?
Our technologies are spread all over the world, the best way to see it is to visit our Eco Tech Center, the first one is in Mulhouse France.
What is 3WM EcoAction Program ?
3WM EcoAction is a community program rewarding ecological contributions, that will protect or enhance the natural environment resources and build the capacity of our community to sustain these activities into the future.
The program supports future projects that address a minimum one of the 3 pillars of Waste, Water and Mobility. Evidence demonstrates that community investment and commitment are key contributors to achieving sustainable long-term benefits for the entire ecosystem that we are building.


Feel free to contact us to ask any question.

Contact us
About Us

About Us

3WM is a global project to combat soil, water and air pollution. We create a vertuous environmental circle based on blockchain and revolutionary disruptive patented technologies, waste recovery, water treatment and purification and mobility solutions.

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