Frame-Watt ® (3,6 kWc)


Frame-Watt ®

The Frame-Watt® 3.6 kWp system is a kit ready to install on a bungalow, maritime container or site. It allows the production of autonomous energy and therefore the energy supply of the bungalow.

The modules are deployed using a “chisel” mechanism from the ground using a crank – low wind resistance and foldable in the event of bad weather. East-West oriented modules for optimum collection.

Transport is optimized since the systems are stackable (up to 8 units). The system can also travel on the 20-foot container (lockable “Twist-lock”) – in High cube mode.

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Solar PV frameready to install and deploy

The Frame-Watt® is a platform that can be fitted on top of containers or worksite portakabins.A crank is used to deploy the modules from the ground using a “scissor” mechanism. It has the advantage of having a small wind surface area, and can be folded away in adverse weather conditions. The modules are East-West facing, ensuring optimum solar capture.



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