3WM Eco Digester AQUA


3WM Eco Digester offers a simple, innovative and autonomous professional solution that completely transforms your food waste into grey water on site.
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3WM Eco Digester Aqua
With the Eco Digester Aqua, it is the micro-organisms that work!

Self-sufficient: food waste is broken down by micro-tines (developed by our partner), as well as by enzymes. Together, they transform the food waste into water and carbon dioxide. The enzymes contained in the machine have a semi-permanent life span: the 3WM Eco Digester Aqua machines should therefore only be replenished every 12-18 months.
Energy saving: the supply of water heated by resistance, from 30 to 38°, is sufficient to activate the enzymes. The stirring action of the water and the CO², thanks to the internal paddles, completes their activation.

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3WM Eco Digester Organic

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