3WM Eco Digester AQUA

3WM Eco Digester offers a simple, innovative and autonomous professional solution that completely transforms your food waste into grey water on site.

3WM Eco Digester Organic

3WM Eco Digester Organic

The Eco Digester Organic machine reduces organic biowaste, food, compostable containers (vegetable, meat, napkins, compostable packaging) by 85% in only 24 hours.


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WASTE TECHNOLOGY HAUTE TECHNOLOGIE POUR LA VALORISATION DES DÉCHETS SHOP NOW Services 3WM Eco Digester propose des solutions innovantes pour la valorisation des déchets sur site. « Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor...

Frame-Watt ® (3,6 kWc)

Frame-Watt ®

The Frame-Watt® 3.6 kWp system is a kit ready to install on a bungalow, maritime container or site. It allows the production of autonomous energy and therefore the energy supply of the bungalow.

The modules are deployed using a “chisel” mechanism from the ground using a crank – low wind resistance and foldable in the event of bad weather. East-West oriented modules for optimum collection.

Transport is optimized since the systems are stackable (up to 8 units). The system can also travel on the 20-foot container (lockable “Twist-lock”) – in High cube mode.